Conor McGregor walks around Rome while his bodyguards hold his glass and record videos

Conor McGregor walks around Rome while his bodyguards hold his glass and record videos

It’s curious that one of the most imposing fighters in the world, Irishman Conor McGregor (33), who is assumed to have the ability to ensure his own safety, need to surround himself with an entourage of four bodyguards, but that has been one of the most talked about images of his recent vacation in Rome, to which McGregor has traveled to enjoy a vacation with his fiancee, Dee Devlin.

The couple, who has been in a relationship since 2008 and has three children together, was seen on the streets of the Italian capital without fear of the reaction of the hundreds of onlookers who tried to approach them.

Although without much success due to the cordon that the four members of the Irishman’s security team kept around the couple.

Although the fact that, in addition to ensuring their well-being, they fulfilled other functions such as hold the cup to McGregor or record videos that testify to the expectation raised by the wrestler, who is delighted to meet and has always been characterized as a manual egomaniac.

In addition to strolling through emblematic places such as Plaza España, McGregor and his partner have taken advantage of these days to buy some exclusive products. Not surprisingly, they have been seen in Dolce & Gabbana store, the fashion firm, or in another of Patek Philippe, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

But it is already known that Conor McGregor is a money maker. Forbes magazine has ranked him as the highest paid athlete in the world, ahead of Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, after pocketing 180 million dollars in one year. With that money, he can afford all the vagaries in the world and a few more.

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