Kojima’s detractors or haters can say what they want about him, but something irrefutable is that the demo P.T. that he prepared for Silent Hills was so brilliant to such an extent that, although the final game did not come true and the demo was only a small playable piece, it made history and set a trend in the horror game genre. Well, after so much criticism of Konami (including a reminder of the filmmaker and involved in the Guillermo del Toro project), apparently the company at some point in the past 7 years realized that it had an incredible project in its hands and Apparently, now without Kojima, he will try to replicate for the new Silent Hill step by step what the creator did, including a replica of the PT concept.

The return of Silent Hill, although it has not been confirmed by Konami, apparently it is Konami’s worst kept secret, since since 2020 it has continued to leak and the leaks are becoming clearer to the point that they would include spoilers for the plot.

In recent days, information has come to light on 2 titles, the remake of Silent Hill 2 (developed by Bloober Team) and the completely new game in the series, which some provisionally name Silent Hill 5. Well, today we will talk about this latest.

Konami would seek to replicate the Silent Hills playable demo that made history

Through ResetEra Dusk Golem, one of the most reliable sources in the history of Silent Hill leaks and leaks in general, took the opportunity to share more information about the leaks that have recently come to light regarding the project.

What caught the most attention is that one of the leaked images (not by Dusk Golem) reveals that it is a kind of PT-style demo, which will serve as a prelude to the full game. According to the information, this content would be conveniently considered Playable Concept or Playable Concept (if Konami follows the nomenclature used in P.T., we would be talking about P.C.); however, it would officially have a title: Sakura. Another detail that attracts attention is that the specifications read that the test would be completely digital and exclusive to PlayStation 5.

According to Dusk Golem, story and mystery will be an important part of Sakura and the player will have to put the narrative together like a puzzle to understand it. Best of all, Dusk Golem mentioned that it would be much more than a replica of the P.T. demo.

Dusk Golem asked fans to be careful with all Silent Hill information, as it could contain spoilers for Sakura’s plot. Thus, he recommended them not to continue looking for details if they do not want to ruin the story, which he anticipated that what Konami is preparing is very good in general. On the other hand, the user asked the players who have access to this information not to share anything key to the plot.

What do you think of the demo idea for the new Silent Hill game? Tell us in the comments.

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