These are the indiscretions of Dusk Golem

Silent Hill it is without a doubt one of the most active titles when it comes to rumors and indiscretions. Surely you will remember those that came out some time ago who wanted a new chapter in development at Bloober Team but this time we talk about rumors published on the net by Dusk Golem, known insider. According to Golem, Silent Hill will be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 which will take place between 15 and 18 September.

Dusk Golem is not new to reveal leaks related to the famous survival horror, in fact you will remember very well how it was he who spread the alleged images of a new one on the net in May Silent Hill. The photos were then banned for not respecting copyright, which has fueled the hope of many fans who are eagerly awaiting a return of the series.

Silent Hill will be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 according to Dusk Golem

The same Golem he stated that it is a speculation born from the fact that all the companies that are involved in the development of the game have confirmed their participation in the event. It is not, therefore, information received from one of his usual sources. Furthermore, the same insider had stated that the game would not be announced during events like i The Game Awards o l’E3according to what one of his sources would have told him.

Obviously we are faced with speculation and therefore everything that has been reported by the insider must be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, it may be that the game is unveiled before Tokyo Game Show 2022as the event has now lost prestige and developers prefer to announce their new projects during international events, such as that of the Gamescom 2022. We just have to wait for these events to unfold to understand if Golem had the right intuition or not.

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