We have already entered the month of October and with it we are getting closer to entering the new year, which promises to be even better in terms of major video game releases, especially when it comes to Xbox Game Studios. with the arrival of backward games like Starfield or Redfall.

There are also many other games in development, some of them with the release window set for the next few years, but there are others that even after a long time in the oven are still not ready, as is the case with Star Citizen.

Leaked scenes from the Star Citizen campaign

This title has been in development for many years and it is known that today it is still raising funds for development, which is not yet known when it will end.

Despite being a title focused on online, Star Citizen also confirmed at the time a campaign mode for a player in which important actors such as Mark Hamill had been signed. There are not many new details about this either, although they have recently been leaked new scenes in this story mode that don’t look bad.

Hopefully it won’t take much longer for Star Citizen to hit current platforms, something we’ll be keeping an eye out for, especially at video game events like the Game Awards in December.

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