This year 2022 is being very intense in terms of important video game releases, something that will continue from this same month of September until the exact moment we put our feet in 2023.

And there is a lot of hype for what is to come from next year, both by Xbox Game Studios such as Starfield or the new Forza Motorsport, as well as titles created by third-party companies, although there are still many without date of launch, they are expected to arrive in the coming months, as is the case with Ubisoft and games like The Division Heartland, a title that we have been hearing about for some time.

New leak of The Division Heartland by the Ubisoft Store

After an E3 in which we did not see a trace of the French company, in a few days we will finally see progress on its titles, specifically on September 10 at Ubisoft Fordwar, where games like this are expected to be seen.

And it is that although there is nothing 100% confirmed, everything seems to indicate that we will finally see details about The Division Heartland, although some of them have already been leaked through the Ubisoft Store, in which we can see a game file with information such as having PvP and PvE modes and within them with more different modes to play, including modes of up to 45 players per game.

We’ll see how Ubisoft’s digital event goes and if we finally see something solid about The Division Heartland, something we’re going to keep an eye out for.

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