The next Need for Speed ​​game, on which the studio Criterion Games is working, will not be released before 2022.

But the cause of this postponement is actually to focus on the release this year of another Electronic Arts game highly anticipated by fans: Battlefiled 6

The next installment of the Need for Speed ​​saga will not see the light of day either in 2020 or 2021. Indeed Laura Miele, director of Electronic Arts studios has announced that the launch of the game was postponed to 2022.

After the postponement of Gran Turismo 7, Car games do not seem to be the priority of publishers. The cause: the studio Criterion Games was called to the rescue alongside DICE for the preparation of another big game scheduled for the end of the year.

Battlefield 6 at the expense of NFS

Electronic Arts has therefore decided to send the Criterion Games teams to support DICE to prepare for the next Battlefield. Indeed, the game eagerly awaited by fans of the series should be released by the end of the year.

These two studios have already collaborated on Star Wars Battlefront as well as on the battle royal mode of Battlefield 5. This choice is therefore not a surprise on the part of EA.

And if one can wonder why Battlefield at the expense of Need For Speed, Laure Miele indicates that the game has “incredible potential” and that they want to “bring a great Battlefield game to the market”.

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