The music world is in mourning after the death of Alejando Casademunt González, at dawn this Wednesday, one of the first contestants of the famous contest Triumph operation.

Casademunt suffered a motorcycle accident at age 39. The tragic event occurred in the Barcelona town of Mataró. His representation agency, Telegenia, confirmed what happened at dawn.

In his time at the musical talent show, he was the fourth of those expelled from ‘The Academy’, although later was caught by the public after Christmas 2001. Finally, that first edition was the one that saw Rosa López win, ahead of David Bisbal and David Bustamante, while Álex was in tenth place.

Multifaceted character

After passing through the contest, formed together with other ‘triumphs’ of the first edition the group Open Formula, made up of Geno Machado, Javián Antón, Mireia Montávez and Álex himself. On June 7, 2002 they released the album ‘There’s still more’ and a year later he began his solo career as a singer.

Along with one of the biggest names in the contest, David Bustamante, recorded the song ‘Two men and one destiny‘.

Besides dedicating himself to music, he also he was trained in acting. In 2002 he participated in ‘OT: the movie’, and in the next two years he became a host of the children’s show ‘The Lunnis’. Casademunt played other styles such as musicals, participating in 2004 in ‘Peter Pan: the musical’.

Other television appearances were in the series ‘La sopa boba’, ‘Crónicas Marcianas’ as a collaborator and the contest ‘Look who’s dancing!’.

Finally, he also went through other musicals such as ‘Mamma Mia’ and plays such as ‘Threesome Things’ and ‘The Other Side of the Bed’.

In 2013, together with his brother Joan, he released the single Sé. In 2016 he returned to the stage with the help of Fórmula Abierta, which at that time was composed of Javián and Tessa Bodi.

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