More and more PlayStation players have confirmed that they have chosen to buy a PS5 due to the availability of Obligation of what they have done for one or the other Sony Console Exclusives. The data comes from the latest report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision and how it could affect Sony in the future.

Call of Duty was the most popular option when buying a PS5

A whopping 89% of PS5 gamers surveyed said they chose the console because of the availability of one or more games. Of the gamers who gave this answer, 73% said they chose the PS5 because of Call of Duty. Just under 69% bought a PS5 console for exclusive games like God of War (41%), The Last of Us (39%), Marvel’s Spider-Man (37%) and Ghost of Tsushima (25.5%) ). Other popular choices included Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite, and Star Wars, but Call of Duty was by far the most popular franchise.

The CMA claimed its survey may overstate the importance of Call of Duty when buying a console due to its target demographic, but it remains a sticking point for Sony despite a 10-year deal to maintain the franchise on PlayStation consoles. There are now suggestions that Call of Duty could be dropped from Microsoft and Activision’s acquisition deal due to ongoing arguments.

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