We continue to advance little by little in 2022 and we have already passed the “E3” stage with the different conferences with important news that will arrive both this year and in the next 2023, which is still far from beginning.

One of the conferences we had a week ago was that of Xbox and Bethesda, in which we saw important news about future games like Starfield, Redfall and new content from titles already released like Forza Horizon 5. But without a doubt one of the games that What we saw was Halo Infinite or any progress on what they’re working on at 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode promises to be bigger than its predecessor

Despite their absence, we cannot say that they are not giving information about what is about to arrive in the coming weeks, such as the first cooperative test for the campaign mode that will be released in a few months.

Another important aspect of Halo Infinite that is eagerly awaited is the Forge mode for creating maps and game modes, which should also make an official appearance soon. But while we wait for solid details from the studio, some users They are already leaking some things that we can do, how to change the effects of weapons to create new and powerful combinations, as we see in the videos below.

Halo Infinite promises to grow a lot in the future and we really want to see what more news is coming to the title soon.

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