A new Minecraft game is coming sometime in the year 2023. Minecraft Legends is a very promising action-strategy game.

Minecraft is a cult license, with a very popular style of play for many years, namely the “sandbox”. With this mechanism, it is possible to do everything, or almost, the examples are not lacking besides. Since the takeover of the Mojang studio by Microsoft, the roadmap has accelerated significantly. And here comes a brand new game, Minecraft Legends.

A new Minecraft game is coming sometime in 2023

A new Minecraft game made its world debut during the Xbox Summer Games Fest, where you can build structures and direct your allies to take on your enemies. Xbox Games Studios showed a short clip of Minecraft Legends during an event and announced that this new action-strategy game will arrive sometime in 2023.

This title was developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive and will notably offer an online cooperative campaign as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. Dennis Ries, executive producer of the game, also said that more information will be communicated before the end of the year.

Minecraft Legends is a very promising action-strategy game

In Minecraft Legends, you will have to protect the Overworld, with its very rich nature and its many resources, from an army of piglin invaders. You will have to form alliances with mobs and lead them in highly strategic battles against enemy forces. Dennis Ries explained that the game will have “a great campaign that will introduce many surprises both for players new to Minecraft and for those who have been playing for a long time.”

The studio has shared few details about this new game, but therefore promises to reveal more in a few months. You can also follow the official Twitter account of Minecraft Legends so you don’t miss any information about the game.

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