The timeless Minecraft always has something in store and today unveils a rather special featuring with Lacoste, an iconic French brand. A trailer and images are also in reinforcement.

A crocodile and bricks

Still present in 2022 and not tired in the least, Minecraft continues its activity with mad energy, relying on a community as large as it is loyal. To punctuate its news, the title of Mojang reveals from time to time damn interesting partnerships: we remember for example the one with Yves Rocher, allowing trees to be planted in the game as in real life, or with the Nobel Center Peace.

Today, it is an association with a completely different but nevertheless ultra-renowned brand, namely Lacoste, in question: a very large featuring which results in the advent of a gigantic level entirely dedicated to the French company. In its center sits a crocodile the size of a building, which it will be possible to explore with a lot of activities: shopping, parkour, car racing and even clay tennis. What to spend a few beautiful hours with friends, or alone.

Lacoste x Minecraft clothing in real life

The opportunity was therefore too good not to offer a real collection of clothes bearing the image of Minecraft: Lacoste is therefore launching a Spring-Summer 2022 series dedicated to the famous video game right now. You can also shop online, directly from the official website : pay attention to the price all the same, the credit card may heat up very quickly.

There are therefore short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, sunglasses, watches, sneakers, hoodies, leggings, bags, bras, swim shorts or the iconic polo shirts: Apparently, there are a lot of choices within this collaboration that we imagine quite effective and with powerful media reach. Whether getting one of these products is worth it is up to you.

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