DeepWell Digital Therapeutics: the leading publisher and developer of games enriched by medical science

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics: the leading publisher and developer of games enriched by medical science

Video game industry veterans team up with medical experts to harness the therapeutic power of interactive entertainment.

With a mission to address the pressing public health issues associated with psychiatric disorders (greatly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic) and the need to expand the availability of digital health therapeutic devices to address them, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is committed to developing, funding and marketing games that are both highly entertaining and therapeutic. The new American company works with independent creators around the world to release new titles of all genres and available on all platforms. Their goal is to make their research-driven technologies accessible to help developers design and re-imagine games to amplify their therapeutic value.

Video games are often judged harshly, because they are attributed with negative impacts on the mind and body.“said Mike Wilson, the co-founder of DeepWell Digital Therapeutics. “But the scientists who study video games and the developers who design them at the highest level already know that it is in fact the opposite. We combine entertainment and medical science based on the benefits that video games can have. Indeed, through global digital distribution, games are an important tool in making medical treatment affordable and accessible. Plus, with truly fun games, patients and gamers will continue to want those benefits. Soon, some of the best video games in the world will be recognized for their true worth, namely a powerful form of medicine, and game designers will shape a new discipline that can reach the greatest number of people.

Ryan Douglas, who has overseen the design and launch of more than 20 medical devices approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adds: “In order to produce games with real results, we decided that DeepWell’s first goal would be to deliver engaging gameplay. Indeed, without commitment from the players, there is no chance of dealing anything. With our team of world-class developers backed by cutting-edge scientists and medical professionals, we design and give new meaning to games that are pure entertainment, but are also infused with therapeutic digital power that aligns on our neurological reward mechanisms. It’s a groundbreaking moment that will bring video games and medicine together in a completely new way, prioritizing the level of patient engagement that part of modern medicine has failed to capitalize on. .

Therapeutic games in 2023 with DeepWell Digital Therapeutics

More than 40 of the best in their field creators, game designers, scientists and medical researchers strive to ensure that many games can support the technical processes and patented systems of DeepWell Digital Therapeutics.

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