Phil Spencer revealed the main reason the company decided to acquire the entire publisher.

CEO from Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer took part in a new interview in these hours, where he revealed one of the main reasons why the company acquired Activision Blizzard. So according to the executive’s statements, one of the main reasons why they acquired the American publisher is to be found in mobile market.

Phil Spencer revealed the main reason why Microsoft acquired the entire Activision Blizzard

In fact, during an interview organized on the occasion of the show Microsoft TechTalk the CEO of Microsoft Gaming stated that the main reason for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard was none other than its mobile division, called King.

Phil Spencer he then continued stating as in that of the company of Redmond are fully aware that the DNA of the company is not in the mobile devices, in fact, currently not having a successful mobile platform. But this fact is rather problematic given that today the most of gamers from all over the world play on smartphones and tablets.

And among the most successful mobile titles of Activision Blizzard King we find the phenomenon Candy Crush e Call of Duty mobilewith the latter having even surpassed the 1 billion dollars of revenue over its life cycle. The executive also cited the mobile version of Diablo among the publisher’s greatest hits that attracted the attention of Microsoft.

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