The terrible accident of the GP Explorer, what really happened?

The terrible accident of the GP Explorer, what really happened?

During the GP Explorer which was organized by Squeezie, one of the pilots gave us a good scare by being caught in a terrible accident. This is Joyca whose car was badly damaged.

GP Explorer: an event organized by Squeezie on Twitch with Gotaga, Amixem, Vilebrequin and many others!

Saturday October 8 was organized by Squeezie the GP Explorer. It was a Formula 4 race that pitted 22 drivers from 11 teams against each other for the occasion. Fully framed by the FFSA, the French Motor Sport Federation, he was not taken lightly at all. Months of training took place with theoretical and practical lessons, simulator and kart sessions even before the 22 content creators were allowed to get into their single-seater.

And at the same time, you have to realize that these vehicles are capable of going up to 250 km/h and that they are very different from classic cars. It’s not just the speed that increases, many aspects totally foreign to other vehicles have to be taken into account, such as tire management. The track also must be learned as well as all the rules related to the race.

Safety was the priority during this circuit. At this speed, an accident between two vehicles can lead to serious repercussions.

The program for the GP Explorer day

From 9am, the 22 riders were on the circuit for free practice. The opportunity to get back into the swing of things, to rediscover the sensations with your car, but also to warm up the track in order to allow good grip for the future.

At 10 a.m., it was time for qualifying, which took place in three phases until around noon. The 15-lap race itself was scheduled for 5 p.m. and allowed Sylvain Levy of the Vilebrequin Youtube channel to be crowned champion after an intense duel for first place with Pierre-Olivier Valette, alias Depielo.

It was in the Bugatti circuit of Le Mans that everything took place. It is made up of 11 bends that must be taken with caution so as not to end up in the background. Among them, the famous Dunlop chicane with turns 2 and 3. Quite complicated to understand, several drivers found themselves in the gravel because of it throughout training.

From the beginning of the day, many losses of control took place. Between the stress, the lack of experience of the pilots, but also and above all the lack of grip, several of them were frightened. Be aware that if the track is cold; like the morning before the drivers have done a few laps: and the tires are cold, the grip is at its weakest!

Joyca’s impressive accident during qualifying

But the most impressive accident did not take place during the tests. VSt was in the second qualifying phase that everyone got scared. Indeed, Joyca lost control and found herself in the background.

The video clip of the accident

The front of the car is completely demolished. The spectators, the organization and the presenters, everyone is shocked. The culprit: the Dunlop chicane, which all pilots feared from the start. At this point, all you have to do is release the accelerator briefly and the steering wheel is not perfectly at the right angle for everything to go into a spin.

Most Fortunately more fear than harm ! The car is badly damaged, but Joyca escapes unscathed.

The qualifying phase is quickly stopped, and at this time, the dream of racing completely escapes for Joyca. The shock passed, he will go to the set to give his news. And these are excellent considering the accident that took place! Only a slight pain in the lower back remains.

Returning to the action, he indicates that for him, when entering the bend, everything was good. He was serene. But that didn’t stop him from losing grip and ending up in the background.

During the accident, he keeps his eyes closed. There is nothing left to do but wait for him, control being totally lost. For a moment that seemed like an eternity, he has time to go around his life.

After the shock, the organization of the race reacted very quickly. Red flag, end of qualifying and above all, the race marshals (volunteers) arrive immediately to help the driver.

Joyca’s crash from her point of view

Very quickly, we realize that it’s going for Joyca. The information is transmitted efficiently and quickly: he is in good health. His first instinct once out of the vehicle: ask what his time was! And it must be said that it was not bad, since it would have allowed him to start 12th on the grid. On set, we see him calm and in good health.

“You have the right to laugh, I’m fine!” Joyca

Even if the car is badly damaged, all is not lost for him! Indeed, the engineers and mechanics of the FFSA are hard at work trying to get it back on the road in time for the race. Nothing is certain, but there is hope.

And Joyca still wants to be able to participate. Even though he will go slower than he could have done, and he is afraid of having a mental block, he feels ready to get back on track if he has the chance.

A little before 3 p.m., the news came: the car was repaired and Joyca would start in 12th position on the starting grid! The work of the mechanics was extraordinary, saving the vehicle in just a few hours.

The one who could have been deprived of the race still managed to finish it in 20th position. A very nice result if we take into account everything that happened to him!

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