Microsoft’s continued attempts to push forward its acquisition of Activision Blizzard results in the company entering into multiple “deals” over 10 years. Xbox has entered into such agreements with Nintendo and Nvidia, with Sony still refusing to sign an agreement of the same duration so far.

Naturally, this leads to questions about what’s next. After 10 Years: Questions posed to Microsoft Chairman Brad Smith at a recent press conference. When asked if Call of Duty’s 10-year contracts could be renewed after that time, Smith had some interesting comments (thanks, GamesRadar).

“There may be someone else standing here in 2033,

Now, none of us can predict what exactly will be the dominant form factor in gaming a decade from now. Will consoles continue to play the role they do, whether it’s phones, will it all be in one Metaverse or another? Who knows.”

The vagueness of the company is perhaps not surprising here; they probably want the focus to be on the next 10 years as Xbox continues to push with its acquisition concessions. Even so, this sentiment goes against what Phil Spencer himself said a few years ago.

In 2020, the Xbox boss said “I don’t think Xbox Series X will be our last console”, also stating that Microsoft will “make more consoles to make this great game show experience work and be enjoyable”.

Whether traditional console gaming will end, as we know it will, has been a hotly debated topic for years, and even in 2023 people still don’t know. really know how things will shake. For now, we’ll continue to enjoy Xbox Series X|S on our brilliant 4K TVs, thank you!

Do you foresee consoles still being around in 2033? Leave your thoughts on the subject below.


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