initiative (email protected) has been helping indie developers create projects for the Xbox and PC family of consoles for years, but as Microsoft As it continues to position itself even more firmly in the games industry, the tech giant has now unveiled its next step in helping smaller developers bring their titles to consoles.

known as (email protected) Developer Acceleration Program (Developer Acceleration Program (email protected)), its objective will be to help independent developers bring their titles to Xbox (and other consoles) by providing them with financial support to compensate for the investment necessary to create an adaptation. Additionally, the program will provide developers with access to monthly webinars where they can chat with the Xbox team about how best to market their titles, discuss certification processes, and more. Finally, the program will even offer a funding opportunity to help a number of promising developers create a working prototype for their title, with this funding being “unrecoverable”.

Xbox hopes the program will remove barriers to entry and normalize the diversity of stories and characters in games. He also said he would try to support creators and developers from ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ communities, and people with disabilities, prioritizing their accessibility efforts.

This program also comes at a time when Xbox celebrated helping 100 emerging indie developers offset their porting costs by helping them bring their projects to Xbox and other consoles as well.

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