The BBC has given us countless excellent crime dramas over the years, but few have lasted as long and featured such a stellar cast as Luther. The series follows a grizzled London detective played by Idris Elba (Luther) who tracks down and apprehends ruthless and chilling serial killers, as well as grapples with the ethical dilemmas of being bound by the law. Seeing that these monsters have no value in human life, Luther realizes that following the rules to the letter ends up causing more deaths, so he begins to push the boundaries of the law to solve his cases using methods morally ambiguous.

Luther has always been a very entertaining show thanks to this premise, and that’s precisely why Luther: Night Falls doesn’t do so well. The film moves away from the hallmarks that make Luther Luther and instead presents a character more akin to James Bond: escaping the law, getting into countless fights, sustaining all manner of injuries, and then waking up so calm. He no longer looks like a real person, but more like an action hero. The plot of the film revolves around a rather intriguing case, but is completely overshadowed by this style of action which destroys the essence of Luther’s character.

Don’t get me wrong: Elba’s performance is excellent and Andy Sekis’ serial killer is heartbreaking, despite the fact that the character’s motivations are questionable and lack the detailed explanation and level of detail that killers make. in series so crazy, so fearsome and terrifying. Serkis fulfills the role of a mentally unstable assassin with great skill, but the character itself doesn’t feel very well done. He’s more like one of the old Bond villains, someone who’s only mean and cruel to make the protagonist look better as a foil. It’s not Serkis’ fault, but the story and the dialogue.


I can’t help but wish they’d bring back the smaller-scale, more personal narratives that made the show so compelling, because everything about the movie was taken to the extreme and, as a result, the charm of Luther was completely lost. . The character does not need to travel all over the world to do good. Luther was extraordinary when portrayed as a fearless detective grappling with the reality of hunting down serial killers who left a trail of corpses in their wake.

While there are so many things about this movie that disappointed me, none of them are as outlandish as the use of CGI. CGI footage is low quality and significantly degrades the viewing experience. The chaotic scene of Piccadilly Circus is the best example, a madness that seems straight out of a ridiculous parody.

While I love Luther and enjoy the continuation of the franchise, I’m extremely concerned about where it’s headed, especially after seeing how the epilogue casts Luther’s character as something of a detective. international private. He’s not the character I’ve followed for over a decade; Netflix hasn’t hit the nail on the head at all with Luther: Night Falls.


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