We’re not talking about Metal Gear Solid 6 (or even the upcoming MGS movie ), but a remake of the original game. We already reported this recently, when several Twitter leakers started hinting at a Meta Gear Solid remake. But now we’ve heard about it from so many different sources that we think it’s beyond reasonable doubt.

The remake of Metal Gear Solid, exclusive for PS5

As reported by the Spanish media Areajugones , the remake of Metal Gear Solid is real and will arrive soon. But they also claim that it will be a PS5 exclusive, with no plans for a PS4 version. This is obviously bad news for PS4, but we’re two years into the PS5 lifecycle, so it’s to be expected.

This is exactly what areajugones have claimed:

The Metal Gear Solid Remake is real. At least this is the information that comes to us from anonymous sources, who tell us that this project has been developing exclusively for PS5 for years.

Although PS5 exclusivity may be sad for PS4 users, one has to imagine that it will be easier for developers, and should give the game a much higher technical ceiling. If a PS5 exclusive does come our way, we’d be in for a game that could take even more advantage of the new technology than cross-gen titles like the latest God of War.

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