Mario Golf Super Rush has only just been released, but you want to know the basics that will allow you to get better on the green very quickly? We will explain everything you need to know before starting this new game.

Mario Golf Super Rush just released on Nintendo Switch and you want to know the basics of the game for get better on the green ? You are in the right place. This page of our complete walkthrough will explain everything you need to know to start your adventure with peace of mind.

Selection of clubs

Before you even focus on your shot bar management, you’ll need to know and use it wisely. available clubs in the game. Each type of club will allow you to shoot more or less far on different types of terrain.

Note that of new clubs will be purchasable in stores story mode. Having as many different clubs as possible will allow you to be more versatile and so more efficient once competing with other players.

Be careful though, the more clubs you take in your bag, the slower you run in the field. You can choose the clubs you want to take with you from one of the Toads in the store.

Find a list of available clubs in the game as well as all the information concerning them in our dedicated guide.

The shooting bar

The shooting bar is The force of the war in Mario Golf Super Rush. It is this which will determine, through many factors, in which way and with what possible effects your ball will leave.

The shooting bar, in addition to allowing you to place your strikes, is a wealth of information. It can be analyzed on several axes that we have detailed in a dedicated guide.

The effects

In Mario Golf Super Rush, you can add effects to your ball. To do this, once you have locked your punching power, a second red bar will rise in superposition to this one. Press longer or shorter in one direction during this time for add effect to your ball in the direction of this direction.

This will allow you in particular to go around obstacles or from better place you in anticipation of your next move.

The slope of the land

Very quickly in the adventure, you will encounter situations that will require you to shoot on or towards uneven ground. The game will then give you a multitude of information concerning these reliefs in the form of a grid on the ground who can take 3 colors.

Colors Meanings
Blanc Zone at the same level as you
Bleu Higher area
Rouge Lower area

Also, you will notice that white dots walk through the grid lines on the ground. The steeper the slope, the more they will move quickly. This will make it easier to gauge the power to apply to your ball to get it right.


At all times, be careful of wind indicator located on the top corner left of the screen. This is very important and you will need to take it into account when calculation of your trajectory if you want to leave nothing to chance.

The other climatic condition that you will need to pay attention to is the rain. The latter will strongly slow down your ball once it hits the ground. Take this into account in particular when calculation of your approaches to the hole.

Fast forward

After hitting the ball, you will be able to use fast forward to minimize your waiting time between each shot. To do this, you will need to press the B key while your ball is on its way.

Le Speed Golf

Le Speed Golf is a new game mode specific to this license opus. This will ask you to run join your ball after hitting him in order to‘follow up with the next move.

During part of Speed Golf, you will be able to annoy your opponents, collect bonuses, use special abilities and more. All of these mechanics are detailed in a dedicated guide.


Your character’s stats define his ability to be strong in specific areas. These last can be increased especially during the story mode when you gain experience and level up by completing courses.

To learn more about this subject, see our dedicated guide on character statistics.

Outfits and objects

Beyond their aesthetic aspect, golf gear and items are of utmost importance in Mario Golf Super Rush. Indeed, these will be able to give you various very interesting bonuses. Note that you will be able to buy new outfits and items in the different story mode shops.

Consult the list of outfits and items available in the game and their effects in our dedicated guide.

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