Knights of Pen and Paper 3, the third installment in the acclaimed role-playing game series, makes its PC debut today. It’s a title for pixel art fans and a comic approach to the subject. Pop culture references abound in the series.

Today, the PC version of Knights of Pen and Paper 3the third installment in a series of small comedy RPGs from Kyy Games, He launched. So far, we don’t know the price of the game, but we’re guessing – based on the first and second installment amounts – that we’ll be paying for it on Steam for less than $10. The game was announced on the show yesterday by publisher Paradox Interactive.

Knights of Pen & Paper 3, available from mid-2021 in select countries on Android devices, features several changes to known game mechanics from previous versions. One of the most important is an improved character creation process with the possibility of unlocking the so-called prestige classes, combining the characteristics of two other professions.

The skill system is also new: skills now scale based on character stats and their effectiveness no longer depends solely on character level. It is also possible to earn resources in the game, which will allow us to improve our village. The pixel-art in Knights of Pen & Paper 3, like previous installments, is full of pop culture references – the developers have never hidden the trademark comic character.

The title has a very low system requirements: you’ll try it without any problem on any PC or laptop. You can find more information below:

  1. Knights of Pen and Paper 3 on Steam
  2. Knights of Pen and Paper 3 on Google Play

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