Sony revealed new information about its next film Kraven the hunterin which we will see Aaron Taylor Johnson (Bullet Train, Kick-Ass) Play as the classic Spider-Man villain. The movie will be released this same 2023, but Sony has already previewed it behind closed doors at CinemaCon.

According to DiscussingFilm, footage from Kraven the Hunter shows how he’s earned his R (18+) rating, as Aaron Taylor-Johnson rips through his enemies with his bare hands, feet, and even teeth, like ripping their heads off. a poacher.

The sequence ends with another famous Spider-Man villain, Rhinoceros, making a grand entrance. Unlike recent video game depictions of the character, this version of the Rhino appears without the signature mech suit and is more of a mutant monster of sorts. However, it doesn’t appear that Rhino is Kraven’s main antagonist in the film, as it seems that role falls to him. Russell Crowewho will play Kraven’s father.

Want to see Kraven the Hunter on the big screen?

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