A series of new reports appear to have revealed that the publisher Konami plans to announce a new game, part of its long-running Castlevania saga, in just a few months.

Therefore, given that in recent years Konami has left the franchise neglected CastlevaniaThat could be a possibility, of course, aside from the Castlevania anime series streaming on Netflix and a handful of remasters of previous titles in the series, there hasn’t been a new Castlevania game since 2014.

Even better, if that’s true, it looks like we wouldn’t have to wait much longer. And it is that, in a recent episode of VGC Podcastpresenter and reporter Andy Robinson commented that Konami is gearing up to reveal a new Castlevania installment later this year.

Given that, compared to previous years, Robinson said Konami plans to have a notable presence in the E3 2023so when the publisher attends the biggest gaming convention in North America, it might have a new Castlevania-related announcement.

“There’s a new Castlevania on top of the Dead Cells DLC that they announced at The Game Awards,” Robinson said simply. “And there’s that much-talked-about Metal Gear Solid 3 remake that I also hope they finally show.”

Now, assuming a new installment of Castlevania is revealed this summer, it’ll be interesting to see what form the game takes, because while the series’ most popular entries have been 2D, while Konami’s latest outing with Castlevania property: Lords of Shadow focused on action and took place in 3D environments.

Remember that the series dark lords It wasn’t received very well by Castlevania fans, which means this new entry in the franchise could probably have more in common with older titles.

In the meantime, in the short term, Castlevania will overlap with roguelike gaming. dead cells in a new piece of DLC called “Return to Castlevania”. This extension is ready to be deployed on all platforms from Monday, March 6, in just a few days.

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