Kojima (Death Stranding) in talks with Xbox for his next game?

Kojima (Death Stranding) in talks with Xbox for his next game?

Game news Kojima (Death Stranding) in talks with Xbox for his next game?


The mystery remains around Kojima’s next project, at the center of rumors of all kinds for months. Today, it is Microsoft, which we know to be looking for Japanese partners, which seems to be concerned by the intentions of the Japanese creator.

The rumor comes from GamesBeat, and more particularly the well-informed journalist Jeff Grubb, who first introduces the context. Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment released an Abandoned trailer for the PlayStation 5. This horrific new project is from Blue Box Games, a studio about which information is still lacking on the Internet; so much so that many players began to think that this may have been a shell company at Kojima Productions, a sort of secret team before the big reveal. But it only turns out that Blue Box is just a small structure that has never released a major console game before. On his official site, the interested party then feels obliged to justify himself: “We have no relationship with Hideo Kojima, we do not claim to have any and it was not our intention to assert such a thing.“. Beyond this anecdote, it is especially the following statement from GamesBeat that today unleashes passions:

But the biggest proof I have that Abandoned isn’t from Kojima is that Kojima is in talks with Microsoft to release their next game, according to a source familiar with the matter. And yes, that statue on the Phil Spencer shelf was in reference to a potential deal with the legendary developer. I can’t confirm if Xbox has already made the deal, but I understand Kojima is at the center of a Microsoft plan to harness Japanese talent.

The journalist refers here to a statuette of Ludens, mascot of Kojima Productions, clearly visible on Spencer’s shelf during a video broadcast on February 26. Obviously, these statements remain to be confirmed for the time being.

The next Kojima soon revealed?

Recall that at the latest news, Hideo Kojima’s next project was apparently in the process of being unveiled. In a conversation with the media Al Hub, the artistic director of Kojima Productions, Yoji Shinkawa, declared at the end of March “Eh well yes I’m doing something for sure and I can tell you that we can probably announce it very soon“. As for the creator, his latest words suggest that his production will not miss the PC box. In an interview chaired by the publisher 505 Games, he recently declared:”Games are made on the PC, after all. But PlayStation gamers and PC users are a different market, and the reason Death Stranding is coming to PC is simply because I want as many people as possible to be able to play it.

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