What happened to Kane ?: Born in Torrejón and current mayor of Knox

What happened to Kane ?: Born in Torrejón and current mayor of Knox

The pandemic has made WrestleMania weekend somewhat atypical. One of the most striking movements was the Hall of Fame de WWE. Usually it is more attached to the great event, but in 2021 it took place last Tuesday. That day, the induction ceremony to the Hall of Fame closed with the entrance Kane. Glenn Thomas Jacobs, 53, engraved his name even more on the company.

The fighter was born at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base, since his father was stationed there. Despite being on the peninsula, that base is considered American territory, therefore it only has that nationality and cannot be considered the first Spanish in WWE (A-Kid is the first with a contract and the Madrid and Carlos Romo, the first in appear in a show). Despite his birth, he grew up in the city of San Luis (Missouri). He played football and basketball (2.13 tall) in high school and college, where he se graduated from a Bachelor of English Literature. Teacher and insurance salesman were some of the jobs he had in his early days along with wrestling.

He began wrestling in 1992 under the name Angus King. He did it in the San Luis area and later changed character several times to appear in other promotions in the United States, Puerto Rico and Japan. In 1995 he debuted in WWE (WWF at that time) and since then it has not moved from there. The beginnings were changeable in the company. First it was Dr. Isaac Yankem, Jerry Lawler’s dentist and then he took on ‘Fake Diesel’. In October 1997, the company hit the spot and debuted the character of Kane. He appeared as the Undertaker’s brother, whom he wanted to take revenge on and repeatedly attacked. Their rivalry was mythical, although the ‘deadman’ took the lead in triumphs. Their tension lasted until 2001, when their story changed and they worked together. A new era no less remembered began, that of the ‘Brothers of Destruction’.

In 2003, Kane accepted a Mask vs. Title opportunity against Triple H. He lost, was unmasked and turned heel, evolving his character to that of an unpredictable fighter. Those were his best years, in which he had moments alone and again in which he was related, in different ways, with Undertaker. In 2014 he recovered his mask, which he has kept to this day. That year he also served as general manager. (after losing to Roman Reigns and removing his mask). In September 2015 he returned to his role as ‘demon’, with which he has remained until today. Although in recent years its presence has been very isolated.

As a wrestler, Kane has been WWF champion, heavyweight champion, ECW champion, twelve-time tag team champion, 2010 Money in the Bank winner, and this Tuesday he entered the Hall of Fame. In parallel with his wrestling career, which was declining, andn 2017 he began his political career, which reached its peak in August 2018, when it achieved, with 65% of the vote, become Mayor of Knox County, one of the most important in the state of Tenesse. The wrestler, since he won mayor (belongs to the Republican party) has had very sporadic appearances in WWE, which has cost him criticism from the opposition.

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