Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Nioh Publisher It’s Temco expressed interest in bringing more games to subscription services like PS Plus Extra and Premium. At least that’s what a new player survey seems to suggest.

The survey, spotted by TwistedVoxel, asks fans in an open-ended question which Koei Tecmo games they would like to see on subscription services. More recently, the publisher released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass. Games like Nioh have already hit the PS Plus catalogs.

While polls don’t necessarily return results, it’s interesting to see an increasing number of developers offering their games on subscription services. Koei Temco has an extensive library of popular franchises, from the Atelier series to Dynasty Warriors and more, that fans will be excited to see as part of their subscriptions.

Microsoft has spearheaded the move towards subscription services, even going so far as to release its own games on day one on Xbox Game Pass. Following in his footsteps, Sony has revamped its own PS Plus service, offering a huge catalog of games in its new Tiers. However, the company has no plans to release its own games on the service.

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