A first look at the second has just been revealed harley quinn live action DC Studiosand it wasn’t leaked, rather the director of the Joker 2 movie, was responsible.

It’s true, on Tuesday evening, the director of Joker: Folie a Deux, Todd Phillipsshared the first look at Lady Gaga’s version of the character, and fans can’t get enough of making all sorts of comments about the character.

Which, as expected, transformed Harley Quinn and Lady Gaga once again trending as fans want to see more, but are also going out of their way to create memes about the reveal. Gaga, who became a singer by nature and became an Oscar-winning actress, is now the second actress to play the character, after Margot Robbie of The Suicide Squad.

On the role Lady Gaga is now developing, Robbie was quite respectful and showed her admiration for the process of becoming a new, very different version of the popular DC movie villain:

“That makes me very happy, because I said from the start that all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters, the way Macbeth or Batman always goes from great actor to a great actor,” Robbie previously said. said about Lady Gaga taking on the role of Harley Quinn.

But as far as fans are concerned, the reality is that whether they like something or not, they are always looking for the opportunity to get new memes in every situation, and this time the first look at the interpretation of Lady Gaga. .

And it has been a target exploited by fans, emphasizing all kinds of memes, from the funniest, the most curious or slapstick, flooding social networks.

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