Duilio Davino will step down from the sporting presidency of Rayados at the end of Aperture 2022 (Photo: Twitter/ @SomosRayados)

After a few months of absence from the sporting world, the former sports president of the Monterrey RayadosDuilio Davino He reappeared via his social media and explained the reason why he decided to stay away from the spotlight for a few weeks. In the statement, the Mexican mentioned that he wants to get away from football and focus more on personal issues.

In September 2022, Duilius ‘Striped’ surprised the nation after announcing his farewell to the club’s sporting management after 7 years in office. It was in the middle of the regular season Opening 2022 when the former central defender of America He called a press conference at the “Barrial” to discuss his departure from the institution at the end of this competition.

In his farewell speech, he mentioned that the main reason for his decision was to spend more time with his family and the fact that he considered his cycle with Monterrey had concluded. Three months after his departure with “La Pandilla” and without having been in the sporting orbit, Duilius He posted an emotional letter on his social media in which he further clarifies the reason why he walked away from football for a while.

“Last year was a year of great learning and change in my life: it took me parting ways with Fer (whom I will always love and adore), without work (grateful and with the best relationship with Rayados ) and with my children who are studying outside of Mexico. I had not stopped the activities since I started playing professionally at 14 years old. I needed a space. Spending time with my parents, with my brother, with my family, with my friends, but above all: spending time with myself”underlined the one born in Leon, Guanajuato.

Subsequently, he thanked the institutions that have asked him to offer him work in recent months. “I thank with all my heart those who offered me a new job opportunity during these months, but it was not ready. I needed that space that you don’t havein the midst of so much concentration, travel, training and meetings, planning, negotiations, contracts, courses, etc., as I have experienced in recent years.

In the same way, he clarified that his goal is to continue preparing in the professional field. “Now is the time to keep preparing. Watch practices, matches, take classes, ask questions, have meetings, meet people, grow, live, learn.

Monterrey president Duilio Davino said he was concerned about the communication Inter had with Pizarro.  What led to a lawsuit (Photo: Twitter @dlptlv)
Monterrey president Duilio Davino said he was concerned about the communication Inter had with Pizarro. What led to a lawsuit (Photo: Twitter @dlptlv)

“What is the next step in the professional, sentimental…personal domain?” I don’t know, but it will surely be something wonderful on this fascinating path full of moments and people that life gives you. Thank you football and Thanks to everyone who was on the lookout for me. and to others who caused my phone to stop ringing 95%. I also thank you and I do not take it personally. Salutations to all! Duilio. Next destination: London“, culminated in his statement.

Since his arrival in 2015 at the high command of the Monterrey team, Davino kept the team at the forefront of Mexican football. Under his leadership, the club won a league title, two from Copa MX and two from Concacaf Champions League. Similarly, they succumbed in three other finals, two of which being MX League and one of cut.

During his farewell conference, he expressed some disagreement he had for the lost Finals. “Although there have been many finals, both men’s and women’s, we always want more. I would have liked to earn more, it’s in our nature.”

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