Anime is undoubtedly one of the best entertainment genres, and among countless titles dragonball it’s been crowned as the favorite among many, and that’s not just due to its great adventures and battles, its animation style, or the length of its franchise.

But in a lot of its characters, which have kept the fandom happy over the years, because as they release manga chapters, the community grows and the series remains relevant over time. .

She is jessica, a beautiful model and cosplayer who has a curious cultural ancestry, a twin. We have found a long list of attributes and qualities for this charming girl. Some of them can be found on her official Instagram as @jessicatalytic, where she has over 197,000 followers, as well as a large cosplay gallery that could win anyone over.

And of course, with such a big and beloved anime franchise, it’s important to take care of every detail when making a tribute, especially if we’re talking about a cosplay involving one of your favorite characters of all. the times, yeah, we’re talking about Bulmathe beautiful, intelligent, and captivating blue-haired girl who was everyone’s crush from the start of the animated series.

We’ve seen her go through different stages and styles, but none can compare to the one we watched in the first season, where she definitely stole our hearts and immortalized her as the most beloved girl in the world. animates it. Where with striking hair, a ponytail with a bow and a pink dress, she became the center of attention every time she appeared on screen.

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