Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a Team Ninja action RPG set in the kingdom of ancient China and involves neat gameplay. Players have to balance many mechanics in combat, and death is common if things end up going wrong. Some reluctant gamers may want to know what they’re getting into by purchasing this title. Souls-like is a genre created by FromSoftware’s popular Dark Souls series, and it usually comes with incredibly hard and unforgiving difficulty. Let’s see if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty falls into the category of soul games.

Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty belong to the Dark Souls genre?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is basically exactly what you’d expect when diving into what makes a game in the soul genre. It has intense combat that forces players to be on their toes. Dodging, looking for windows, and being heavily punished for bugs are staples in this genre and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty doesn’t stray too far from that niche.

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That’s not to say the game is completely similar to games like Dark Souls. In fact, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty shares many similarities with other mainline series from its developers, Nioh. It also has a lot in common with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Combat revolves around finding windows to attack and gaining upgrades and new abilities to gain the upper hand in battle.

However, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty changes things up for the genre. There is no stamina bar to watch in the general sense of a soul-like constant. Instead, the player must balance a Spirit Gauge which features two colors, one orange and one blue, to ensure they are never at a disadvantage in battle. The orange side of the bar fills up when you dodge or get hit, while the blue bar fills up when you hit or hit well. Keeping the gauge on the blue side provides substantial benefits in battle, while going too far on the orange side will hamper you greatly.

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Soul type games have a bad stigma against them because they are too difficult. Although they are usually very ruthless, they can greatly reward the player for learning and winning over time. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty offers challenges that will definitely make the player feel accomplished when they overcome them.


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