“I only make music, sorry for te salpetro!” This was the tweet from the Valle del Cauca singer

It’s no secret that Maureen Belky Ramírez Cardona, better known as marbellehas a very marked political streak and always makes it very evident, since she has been seen singing very affectionate songs to the Colombian lawyer, businessman, politician and former president of conservative ideology, Álvaro Uribe Vélez and in turn calling current President Gustavo Petro an “asshole”, between some reviews and comments.

Born in Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Marbelle is a Colombian singer-songwriter in techno lane, guasca, ranchera, ballad pop, romantic ballad and techno pop genres, she also had her highs in acting and presenting on the small screen and as a musical jury, from the same way she dabbled in the catwalk world as a plus-size model.

On other occasions, the Valle del Cauca woman has used her social media to openly let her supporters and certain political figures know what she thinks of them and despite the fact that she had informed her fans that she was going to retire from digital platforms for a while, came back to them asking for an update on what she had missed during her internet-free days and referencing the highly acclaimed song session #53 of Shakira and Bizarrap.

It all started with the wire through the social network Twitter in which she asks: I appeared… what do you think? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha What happened, can you update me?”, immediately afterwards, the Internet user @JuanSalvadorB responded, listing the following:

-Viva Air Paid Karma

-Process returned 8000

-Even Shakira didn’t dare so much

-Petro don’t cry, they charge

Marbelle didn’t wait and quickly retweeted what was mentioned with the comment: “I only make music sorry that I salpetro you!”.

Although several Colombians believed that Marbelle would really leave the country because she strongly disagreed with the presidential election from the start, they also assumed that she would stop her statements about the current government, or at least reduce them after having had to publicly apologize for doing so. Vice-President Francia Márquez for her mockery and attacks and that on top of that she had to take courses on human rights in the prosecutor’s office, That didn’t happen and apparently he came back with everything.

But it does not stop there and it is that Marbelle not only took advantage of his return to stir up controversy with his already well-known enmity with Petro, but also launched satires at the airline. live airthe same one who offered him free tickets, when President Barranquillero was precisely going to position himself, before that he reiterated: And I wanted to go to one of its many destinations”.

However, following the recent controversy involving the president’s eldest son, Nicolas Petro, (because his ex-wife claimed to have received money from ex-drug traffickers for the presidential campaign), The artist decided to launch several allusions in this regard and reacted positively to the publication and conduct of the audiovisual interview broadcast on Thursday March 2, in which the journalist and director of the magazine WeekVicky Dávila, speaks with Days Vásquez and she is responsible for informing all viewers about the actions of her ex-husband.

In turn, he shared other posts in which he pointed out that Colombians do not live so “tasty” and shared photos of celebrities who supported the president during his campaign, saying that this “it’s not the change” and that in Colombia they continue to murder people.

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