Be like a phantom thief and snatch it Persona 5 Royal DLC Pack free! We don’t know if Sega and Atlus wanted this normally $60 (or £50 in the UK) pack to cost absolutely nothing, but if you check out the entry for this DLC pack on the European PlayStation Store, you can. download at no cost. . ps4 price (This does not apply to the PS5 version.) We recommend getting this treasure now before the bosses spawn.

This package is likely to be free.

The Persona 5 Royal DLC Bundle, as found by Push Square, is currently free in Europe and includes all DLC found in the Kasumi Costume Pack, Battle Bundle, Royal Persona Bundle, and six individual DLC sets.

For comparison, the US PlayStation Store offers the Royal Persona 5 DLC pack for 60. The source of confusion might be that the Persona 5 Royal Legacy DLC pack is free, which claims to give players all the extra content from the original game. This may be the reason for the confusion.

That being said, you can go ahead and hit “add to library” for the package in Europe before the higher-ups find out what’s going on.

Persona 5 Royal received a 4-hour free trial via PS Plus Premium in February. A new version of Persona 6 and Persona 3 could be unveiled during the summer of this year.

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