If you’re doing the Valentine’s Day Adventure Log in Black Desert Online, you’ll need the Mercenary Seal. We explain where to find it.

Black Desert Online has just launched a Valentine’s Day event. Within this, you can complete a whole series of quests (Valentine’s Adventure Log) that grant you specific rewards. To get them, you need to complete certain objectives, including bringing back a mercenary’s seal. Below you will learn where to get this item.

BDO – where to get mercenary seal

You can get a mercenary’s seal by defeating bosses that appear in the game world. Of course, there’s not a 100% chance of it dropping from a slain opponent. However, the probability remains high. The exception here is Vell, who will never drop the item.

The Mercenary’s Seal is an important item during the Valentine’s Day event. It is a must-have item for the seventh stage of the Valentine’s Day Adventure Log called Confession Preparation II. Indeed, the objective of this quest is to bring him to Tachros who resides in Olvia. If you don’t, you won’t be able to go further in the story.

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BDO – What is the Valentine’s Adventure Journal?

Valentines Adventure Log is a limited time event in which you will complete an adventure divided into 9 stages. Each of them has specific objectives to fulfill. They are mostly based on bringing in character-specific items. For completing them, you will receive the following rewards:

  1. 5 x Black Stone (Armor)
  2. 3 sharp and hard black crystal shards.
  3. 30 Cron Stones
  4. 10 Memory Shards
  5. 20 x Piedra Caphras
  6. Fine Accessory Box II
  7. [Event] Perfume of Courage

The whole event is for a limited time and will last until February 22 this year.

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