How to get the best gear in Alice Gear Aegis CS – Game News

How to get the best gear in Alice Gear Aegis CS – Game News

Alice Gear Aegis CS Simulator Concerto is available, and with the sheer number of weapons and gear available for its twenty-two playable characters, you might be wondering which items to buy first. Luckily, the game’s gear system only seems complicated at first, and we’ve put together a capsule guide to help you find the best gear in Alice Gear Aegis CS.

Alice Gear Aegis CS gear system explained

Every playable actress in Alice Gear Aegis CS You have four pieces of equipment to use:

  • Firearm Equipment: One of 4 ranged weapon types: Rifle, SMG, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle
  • Clash Gear – A melee weapon, either a greatsword, sword and shield, spear, or hammer.
  • Torso Gear: equipment worn on the arms and shoulders of the actress.
  • Leg Gear: Gear worn on actress legs and waist.

There is a range of items available and many variations on several items. Most pieces of gear in the game can be used by any actress, with a few notable exceptions, to get the best gear.

Buy the best gear in Alice Gear Aegis CS

Although there is plenty of equipment available in the pool, most of the time you want to focus on getting both. unique gear sets for each actress. Unique gear, i.e. pieces inspired by “canon” gear worn by the actress in question, is built for that specific actress and unlocks unique abilities. Each actress has two sets of gears. A less expensive “low tier” set that is usually a custom variant of common gear, and a truly unique “high tier” gear set designed specifically for them. Low-level gear can be shared between different actresses, while high-level gear can only be used by a specific actress. You can identify unique pieces of gear by looking at them in the Gear Shop. If the gear icon has a small image of the actresses’ faces, that’s their exclusive gear.

Unique equipment is identified by the smiley face of the icon.

In general, the single high-level team is the best team of alice gear aegis cs, And unless you’re really trying to create a build of your own, you should focus your efforts on acquiring unique gear sets before any others. These pieces have the highest stats and unlock unique abilities that suit the actresses’ fighting style. Getting unique gear from the start simplifies your choices and reduces the amount of work you’ll have to do to unlock everything.

Another benefit of purchasing unique gear sets is that they unlock specific character poses in the “Preview” feature, to better enjoy the design or set up screenshots.

Meika’s custom pose with her unique equipment.

To further improve your efficiency, use your first playthrough of a story to purchase the low level gear from the actresses, then upgrade to your higher level gear at the end of the story. If you don’t spend money on costumes or props, you should have enough to buy a new actress’ low-level gear, which will give you a head start on your next story. By the time you got all the best gear from Alice Gear Aegis CSYou will have coins left over to buy costumes and accessories for your favorite characters.

Protecting Alice’s Equipment CS is available on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Take a look at Siliconera’s official review on the Switch edition.

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