Splinterlands releases info on land game mode – Game News

Splinterlands releases info on land game mode – Game News

Finally, Splinterlands reveals a number of details about its plans for the Land game. The first phase will only include some features, but there is already a lot to unpack!

There’s a lot of information in recently released documents outlining Splinterlands’ plans for the first phase of their ongoing game (which they’re calling Land 1.5). This does not cover all of your long-term plans. But this includes surveying, card betting, and resource production.

Landowners will want to read the full documentation, but here is a summary of the key points.

The basics

Plots of land produce resources. In this first phase of implementation, plots of land can produce grain (used to feed workers), SPS tokens (this will replace the current airdrop for landowners), and research Praetoria secrets. Research points go towards an overall project that will not be fully unlocked until Phase 2. Players will receive future benefits based on their research contribution. They also have the opportunity to earn special titles by contributing the most in their territory.

Players work their lands by betting Splinterlands cards. Each card wagered (up to 5 per lot) generates production points. The number of Production Points (PP) generated is based on rarity, level, and map set. This ranges from 2.5 PP for a common Tier 1 card from a recent set, all the way up to 100,000 PP for a max-tier Legendary, Alpha, Gold card. There are also additional bonuses or penalties depending on the type of terrain and the affinity of the cards. For example, a Fire card placed on a Lake or River plot receives a 50% penalty to production points.

Additionally, players can also wager totems and titles on plots for more bonuses.

Assigning a card to work a plot is instantaneous, while removing a card from a plot takes three days. Workers need grain to function, which can be produced or purchased. The plots also need a power supply, purchased from DEC.

Starting Land Packages

To begin, players will need to survey their land. The topography reveals the type of terrain as well as the presence of particular characteristics.

When players first step onto your land, they will have the option to purchase a special Starter Pack for 10,000 DEC or DEC-B Tokens. These starter packs are available in three flavors: Building in a Box, Time Vault, and Unstable Totem. Building in a box allows the player to begin construction of a building on the field without paying any additional resource cost. They also come with an integrated power supply. However, constructing buildings will not be available in phase 1.5, so this is for players who plan ahead.

The Time Valut package includes 150 Time Crystal tokens and 15,000 Grain tokens. Time crystals reduce the number of production points required for construction by 10,000. In version 1.5, the only version available will be land clearance. Time Crystals and Grain tokens are not bound to the plot or land account and can be freely traded.

The Unstable Totem Bundle provides a temporary totem that doubles plot production for 30 days. These totems are plot-bound, but remain inactive until Phase 2, when they will automatically activate.

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Starter Pack Options

rune on earth

As promised, Runis is getting a little more love with ground gameplay. Not only are runes already legendary level cap cards, but they will also provide additional benefits when assigned to a plot of land. Runes provide a 100% production bonus for the entire plot they are stationed on. And since Runis has a built-in power core, players won’t need to purchase a power source for this plot. However, if a player places a power source and a runi on the same field, they can bet up to six cards, instead of the normal five.

Combo Runis (a new feature not yet implemented) gives even greater production bonuses.

other grades

Some plots will have a fortress or a castle. These functions function as a marketplace for your region and provide the owner with passive tax revenue.

Splinterlands hopes to allow the use of land rentals, but that functionality will come later.

Players can earn special titles through the ground game which will be linked to their account and provide a bonus to reward points earned in the main game.

If you own a Splinterlands lot or are considering becoming one, you’ll want to check out the official documentation for all the details. We don’t have a specific date for this release, although the team has said they hope to release it by the end of Q2 2023.

The running game will be DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) intensive. Players will not only want DEC Batteries when measuring, but will also need a significant amount of DEC Tokens when placing cards on their terrain.

The implementation of Land 1.5 should have an interesting effect on the markets. There will be a lot of locked maps in active plots, and many of those maps will be max level

If you would like more information on Splinterlands gameplay or have any additional questions, the Splinterlands team is planning to host an AMA on their Discord server on Monday, March 20 at 5:00 PM UTC.

Splinterlands NFT Cardsworkers willing to start cultivating plots

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