Putting Down Large Pots in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Big Pots in Hogwarts Legacy

There are several types of pots you can use in Hogwarts Legacy to grow a variety of plants. You will need these plants to use in various potion recipes as you play. You start with a standard small pot, but eventually some plants you need to use in recipes require you to use a large pot, and you have to struggle to find that item. This is what you need to know about how to get big pots in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find Big Pots in Hogwarts Legacy

The only way to get big pots is to buy a sorcery item that you can use in the Room of Requirement. You can unlock this location as you progress through the main story, so if you haven’t gotten to that point, don’t worry too much about it. When you get to this point, the next stop you need to make is Hogsmeade, and you need to visit the Tomes and Scrolls store and talk to the vendor inside that bookstore.

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The vendor will have a handful of Spellcraft Stations for you to purchase. For example, you can use the Conjure spell when you learn these spells in the Room of Requirement. You need to buy Spellcraft with a large pot and a table from the Tomes and Scrolls store. You can strike a deal to buy this scroll with one jar, two jars, or three large jars. You can choose which of these items you want to add to your collection and then return it to the Room of Requirement. Fluxweed Stem is a good example of a plant that requires a large pot.

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When you get to this location, use the conjuration spell in the Room of Requirement to summon the large pot to a table, and feel free to use any plant that requires a large pot.

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