GTA 6 leaks were "frustrating and disturbing", says Take-Two

GTA 6 leaks were “frustrating and disturbing”, says Take-Two

The leader of Take-Two revealed that the GTA 6 leaks did not affect the project itself but the morale of the teams.

Leaks of a very early version of GTA 6 have been a blow to Rockstar. Project carefully guarded by the studio, represents the leak of private images a moral catastrophe for the teams. This is revealed to us by Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, who is in charge of publishing the titles of the franchise.

Blow to morale and announcement of layoffs

According to Strauss Zelnick, the GTA 6 leaks have no impact on the progress of the project. An announcement that surprises a little, the leak comes from a very old version of the game and does not reflect what the title will be. The CEO of Take-Two is very concerned about developers. According to, these leaks were “ frustrating and boring » for equipment when taking is specified these leaks very seriously because they disappoint us all.”

This disclosure was made during the last quarter. reviewed by Strauss Zelnick. The CEO of Take-Two also had the difficult task of reporting earnings that exceeded expectations. Result ? Cost reduction. then it happens possibilities » little » dismissals.

Strauss Zelnick specifies that it is not a question of massive dismissals but of a handful of positions which will be sacrificed. Not without cynicism, the leader believes that the editorial staff does not “unfortunately, this does not guarantee lifetime employment. So there will be instances where you lose positions, but I think it will be very modest.

As for the sales of its games, Take-Two scored well despite results below forecasts. GTA 5 reaches 175 million copies sold including 5 million in the last quarter. A feat achieved in nearly 10 years which makes it the third best-selling title in the USA in 2022! On Steam, it is the second best-selling title last year. Nothing seems to be able to stop GTA 5 despite a release, eye-catching of yesteryear, in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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