It can happen that a CD gets stuck in the drive of the PS5. And here is the drama. Fortunately, it is quite easy to fix the problem.

If you have spent the extra €100 for the PS5 with disc drive, you don’t want a jammed CD to turn it into a PS5 Digital Edition. But disaster can always happen. Fortunately, there are two methods to solve the problem and free the drive. One is easier than the other.

We’ve already had the opportunity to cover the subject for the PS4, and for this console, there can be up to five different methods to test. Fortunately, a stuck disc does not require complicated diagnosis: the problem is related to the drive, and it is quite easy, finally, to eject the culprit manually. Sony has built a shortcut into the player to achieve this, but it’s not a guaranteed solution. If that doesn’t work, there’s a slightly more complex option, which requires opening the player itself.

The “easy” way

This is the one you should test first, if you can. As explained by this What Happens When video, you must first completely unplug the PS5. Do nothing if it is plugged into the mains. Next, remove the bottom plate from the machine. And then all you need is a screwdriver to turn the screw covered with a black sticker clockwise, this will push whatever is stuck towards the exit of the reader.

If it works, as it does in the video, you will be saved within minutes.

The “difficult” method

The trickier method solves the problem for sure, but it does require some DIY. According to the CD247 Repair Center guide, the start is the same, but instead of manually moving the disc with the screwdriver, you have to disassemble the PS5 chassis, piece by piece. This method voids your warranty, since you have to remove the security seal in the console. If you want to keep your warranty, stop there and take your PS5 to an authorized repairer.

If you want to proceed anyway, you have to get as far as removing the disk drive. You open it up, disconnect the two wires from the board and then, carefully, lift the cover that’s still attached to unscrew the last barrier between you and the stuck drive.

You can then remove the disc and put everything back in order, screw by screw. However, CD247 recommends checking that the mechanism that swallows and spits out the CD is in place. You can take the opportunity to apply a little WD40. Take the opportunity to clean all the bowels of the console. Watch out for the laser. If it is damaged, you will no longer be able to read your discs.

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