The fearsome Garrador returns in Resident Evil 4 Redo. Just like in the original, this enemy will chase the player based on sound cues. However, there is a very simple way to defeat this dangerous enemy. This guide will break down one of the most effective strategies for defeating the Garrador in Resident Evil 4 Redo.

The first time the player encounters the Garrador, the chains will hang from the ceiling. These can be avoided and it is highly recommended that the player crouch down to avoid making too much noise. You can of course strafe the enemy by running and shooting them once their claws are stuck in the wall. Both strategies are totally viable and work well. I happened to do the second because it took the least amount of time.

The most important thing in this fight though is to use a flash grenade once the parasite on the Garrador’s back is exposed. Flash Grenades will instantly kill any exposed Parasite on an enemy, killing them in an instant. This is the best strategy to kill this enemy quickly and effectively.

If you can’t find a Flash Grenade in crates, you can still craft one after purchasing the recipe from the merchant. Flash Grenades are invaluable tools for getting rid of enemies in the mid to late game, so it’s recommended to always keep a few on hand.

Resident Evil 4 Redo is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. A playable demo is available immediately.

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