White-Faced Varré, the first NPC you encounter in the Elden Ring after gaining access to most of the game, has a quest you can complete when you encounter them again. You can find them in Rose Church after defeating Godrick the Grafted. This guide details all the steps and the rewards you will receive for completing the White-Faced Varré quest in the Elden Ring.

All White-Faced Varre Quest Steps in Elden Ring

You can only find Varré in this location after defeating Godrick the Grafted.

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When you talk to Varré, they will ask you what it was like to see the Two Fingers for the first time. You’ll want to comment that something seemed off-hand to trigger the next lines of dialogue. Now Varré will give you several Festering Bloody Fingers, items you can use to invade other players, and he wants you to use them. To advance to the next part of the quest, you will need to use it three times and invade other players. These invasions do not need to be successful, so you can fail.

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Now go back to Varré and inform him. He will be glad you used them and will ask you to join his Order with the Blood Lord. If you accept, you will move on to the next part of the quest and he will give you an item called Lord of Blood’s Favor. Now you have to dip it in the blood of a young girl.

How to dunk Lord of Blood Cloth in Maiden’s Blood

You can do this by going northwest from Rose Church towards The Four Belfries. You have to climb all over the location and when you reach the top there will be a chest. Inside the chest is an Imbued Keyblade. Take the key to the second tallest tower and interact with the gargoyle. You will give him the key and then Waygate will be activated.

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You will arrive at the Church of Anticipation. You will have to fight the grafted Scion when you cross the bridge. By defeating him, you can enter the tutorial part of the game and you will find a dead maiden on the ground where you originally started the game. Interact with her, you will soak the cloth in her blood and you can bring it to Varré .

Upon your arrival, Varré will be happy to take the final test. You can now complete the ceremony by offering her your finger. This completes the quest and rewards you with the item called Bloody Finger. You can use the Bloody Finger to get to Mohg, Lord of Blood.

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