Disney’s Pride of the Valley Dreamlight Valley introduces a host of new quests, items, and characters to the game, including beloved Lion King characters Simba and Nala. You’ll unlock Nala and her home in Pride Rock first, but you’ll need to return to The Lion King Kingdom and complete a series of additional quests for Simba to join her. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to complete the Stars to Guide Us questline and welcome Simba to the Valley.

Stars to Guide Us Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley Tutorial

Once you complete Nala’s Eyes in the Dark questline and welcome her to the Valley of Dreaming Light, a new questline called Stars to Guide Us will automatically unlock. Completing this new questline will also invite Simba to join you in the valley. The first quest sends you back to the Lion King Kingdom to talk to Simba. You can quickly return to the kingdom where you will find Simba waiting for you in the lush jungle.

Step 1: Talk to Simba in The Lion King Kingdom

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When you’ve reached the Lion King Kingdom jungle, you’ll find Simba at the end of the path after the log you lowered earlier for Nala’s questline. He tells you a bit about his father and what he said about the kings of the past who watched him from the stars. He would like to be guided by the stars, but unfortunately the sky has always been cloudy in the kingdom.

Step 2: Go back to the valley and talk to Merlin

Return to Dreamlight Valley and locate and talk to Merlin for tips and ideas on how to clear the skies in The Lion King Kingdom. He suggests that creating an object from Simba’s past will help Simba remember and dispel the mist that hides the stars.

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Step 3: Craft Rafiki’s staff and return to Simba

Simba had previously mentioned that in his past, he had received a guiding blow from the staff of a wise baboon. You decide that crafting this staff will help her, so just head to any crafting station and you’ll see a new recipe available. Create Rafiki’s Staffyou will need the following equipment:

  • 5x Softwood
  • 5x Fiber
  • 2x Purified Nightshard

Step 4: Return to Simba in The Lion King Kingdom

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Once you’ve crafted Rafiki’s Staff, return to Simba in the Lion King Kingdom and interact with the stone in front of him to place Rafiki’s Staff. This will clear the skies and unlock the next part of the questline.

Stage 5 – Return to the Dry Oasis to Collect the Seeds

With the skies clearing, Simba decides it’s time to restore the dry oasis to its former lush and beautiful form. He will ask you to collect three different types of seeds, jungle fern seed, waterfall plant seedthere tree seed cleaning, which are obtained by digging up plants in the kingdom’s lush jungle. The plants you’ll need to dig up are shiny, though some are a bit hidden and can be hard to see. When you have collected all the seeds, return to Simba.

Step 6 – Plant the Seeds in the Dry Oasis

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Once you have collected all the seeds, return to Simba and he will ask you to plant them all over the dry oasis. You’ll plant them like you would any seed, using your trusty shovel, and you can plant them wherever you want. Return to Simba and you will be assigned to the final step of this quest.

Step 7 – Clear Hardened Rock to Release Water Source

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Instead of watering the seeds with his watering can, Simba wants to pave the way for a river that once flowed through the now dry oasis. Head to the edge of the oasis where you’ll see a large bone ribcage and smash the rock below with your shovel. This will remove the blockage and the river will once again flow through the Dry Oasis, bringing the area back to life. Talk to Simba again and he will join you in the Valley of Dreaming Light!


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