As you explore the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, you will come across many quests and tasks that you will be asked to complete. Most of these side quests will come from Hogwarts teachers and students, but some can be found in Hogsfield and beyond. One such mission comes from Dorothy Sprottle. She’s worried about Clair Beaumont’s brother, Bardolph, and wants you to find him to make sure he’s okay. This guide will show you how to complete Brother’s Keeper in Hogwarts Legacy.

Brother’s Keeper Hogwarts Legacy Tutorial

To find this quest, you need to go to the northern part of the map. Go past Hogsmeade to the little Upper Hogsfield Burrow. Here you can find Dorothy Sprottle near the city center. Talk to her and she’ll ask you to locate Bardolph Beaumont, who went missing some time ago. Once you’re done talking to Dorothy, you can talk to Claire, the shop owner in town, for more information. Before progressing, we suggest you be at least level 16 before embarking on this quest.

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After speaking with Dorothy and Claire, head north of Upper Hogsfield to the area marked on your map. Look for the ruins in the search area. Once there, you will discover a large group of Inferi. These undead beings cannot be harmed until you set them on fire. Once one of these enemies has been ignited using an Explosive Barrel or the Ignite spell, you can damage them normally.

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Among the Inferi, you can see Bardolph Beaumont. He died during his trip and Claire must know it. After defeating all enemies in the ruins, including Bardolph, return to Upper Hogsfield and talk to Claire. She will be devastated to learn of her brother’s death, but she will thank you for your bravery.


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