How to Beat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker

How to Beat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker

Ghost King is one of the toughest adversaries in Dark and Darker. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat him.

Dark and Darker is a title in which many dangers await players. The game mainly focuses on exploring dungeons, finding treasures, acquiring better gear and of course fighting enemies. Among them are powerful bosses. In this guide you will learn which strategy to use to kill the Ghost King.

Ghost King in Dark and Darker

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Ghost King in Dark and Darker

Ghost King is one of the bosses in Dark and Darker, which is worth defeating if only to get better gear. Pull out items ranging from purple to unique..

The opponent itself is not as dangerous as the surrounding lava monsters, which deal a lot of damage. Therefore, it is worth getting rid of it first. and only then attack the main boss. After killing them, all you have to do is surround it and attack, paying attention to the two most important points:

  1. The longer we stay near the Ghost King, the higher the debuff multiplier we will get. Every 10 points greatly reduces our movement speed, making it harder to avoid damage. Therefore, it is worth moving away from it to reduce the penalty..
  2. At a certain point, the Boss rises into the air and falls to the ground with momentum, attacking with a shockwave that deals damage to characters in the area of ​​effect. However, this can be avoided by jumping right before the Ghost King strikes. The moment of the jump can be easily measured, executing him moments after small white shards appeared above his head.

The team that will go to fight the boss depends only on us, but it is recommended to include at least one rangerwho will attack with a bow when the opponent is in the air.

Dark and Darkest Guide

If you want to learn more about the mechanics of Dark and Darker, take a look at our guide. It contains a lot of valuable information that will help you improve in the game.

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