PlatinumGames and Nintendo have unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon, which will be released on March 17 on Nintendo Switch. As a prequel to the main series, the story sees young Cherry venturing into the Avalon Forest to rescue her mother. In the process, he encounters a lost demon named Cheshire.

Cherry and Cheshire are playable at the same time, although their combat roles are different. The former cannot attack enemies directly, but instead uses magic to bind them. The second is the main attacker, and you will have to think carefully to be victorious.

As the duo explore the forest, they gain strength as new paths open up. You’ll also have new abilities, although the focus will be on puzzle solving as well as combat.

The plot is similar to that of a storybook, with narrated scenes and painted visual effects. It’s a bit of a dark story, but it’s a nice spin on the traditional Bayonetta story.

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