A curious fact about Hogwarts Legacyis that as a student you will not be able to start a romance, and that is why now the team behind the game has explained why there are no such options.

Hogwarts Legacy is an excellent RPG set in the Harry Potter universe and one that raises a lot of expectations, especially as players want to create their own witch or wizard and attend classes, make big decisions, and even forge bonds. in-game relationships…but, that’s not really possible.

the journey of Harry Potter through Hogwarts sees him growing up in a school during his formative years which also sees him begin to get involved in lighthearted romance amidst the chaos of his life, in the film series it’s all very endearing and obviously a lot of to be a teenager.

But, Hogwarts Legacy chose to dodge these things for a multitude of reasons. That’s why during a recent interview with GamePro, the narrative leader Moira Squier explained that the Avalanche Studios team wanted to make sure players could create whatever character they wanted and be whoever they wanted.

But it becomes much harder to allow that kind of freedom when you give players the option to fall in love with other characters, which opens up a whole new box of possibilities, which might not be the best option. the game designer Kelly Murphy Added to that noting that the game is kid-focused and allowing players to interact with teenagers in this way certainly complicates things a bit.

So even if you can’t start a romance, you can still befriend people and have platonic relationships with characters, which is probably the best course of action.

“We consciously decided not to (have a romance). There’s no way to make it right, after all, you’re the protagonist of the game and you can be anyone. We want you to be whoever you want. (…) That would be too much to handle (with the romance)”.

Ultimately, this may disappoint some players who were hoping to build relationships with each other, but to be honest, it might make sense, because not only does a bit of ethical concern come into play, but it’s a game very encompassing itself, so a lot of things are going on.

Besides, avalanche never did anything on this scale, so they probably wanted to make sure the core experience was solid before embarking on more ambitious RPG ideas, possibly expanding the options in the future.

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