Although its launch has yet to be officially recorded, Hogwarts Legacy has already set a new record in Twitch history by becoming the most-watched single-player game to date.

If it is already playable in early access since yesterday for owners of the Deluxe Edition, Hogwarts Legacy not officially expected until February 10. Anyway, it is clear that Avalanche Software’s title is already experiencing phenomenal enthusiasm with the players, too many to rush impatiently at the idea of ​​being able to immerse themselves in the Harry Potter universe. As proof, three days before its premiere, the game is already setting a new record on Twitch. Revealed!

Hogwarts Legacy already has a new Twitch record!

Indeed, the streamers were obviously too numerous to be able to benefit from early access to the latter, and they did not hesitate to take advantage of it with their community. As a result, Hogwarts Legacy was ubiquitous on the streaming platformand the public certainly responded in drovesa peak of 1.3 million viewers was recorded during the evening. This makes Avalanche Software’s game the most-watched single-player game in Twitch history, before Cyberpunk 2077 and its 1.14 million registered viewers in 2020.

Of course, beyond the certain enthusiasm of Harry Potter fans but also of the most curious players, it is clear that the Twitch Drops set up by the studio have helped. However, let’s not minimize the success of the game, which could well explode even more when its official launch is confirmed. After all, it has long topped pre-orders on PlayStation and PC and given the rave reviews from the press, there’s no doubt gamers should find something in it. Besides, now you can find our test in our columns.

As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy launches February 10 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will arrive on April 4, 2023, while the Nintendo Switch version isn’t expected until July 25.


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