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Hitman 3: Title Breaks Series Record for Most Digital Sales

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For a while, the future for Io Interactive was uncertain. After the publication of Hitman (2016), the publisher Square Enix separated from the developer studio. Io retained the rights to Hitman, but partnered with WB Interactive Entertainment for Hitman 2. With Hitman 3, Io Interactive is now completely independent and acts as both a developer and a publisher.

The hard work Io put into rebooting the Hitman series seems to have been rewarded as the newest and final offshoot of the Hitman trilogy, as it broke all series records and booked the most digital sales in the franchise.

Io Interactive announced this in a post on Twitter. The developer did not share how often the game was sold in total. Since the game appeared on PC exclusively for the Epic Games Store, the user numbers on Steam cannot be asked to get a rough impression of the success of the title.

However, it is safe to say that Hitman 3 is a complete success for Io Interactive, as you can see from the numerous positive reviews of the title. You can read how Hitman 3 fared with us in our test.

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