Hitman 3 announced the date of Ambrose Island, the game's first new map

Hitman 3 announced the date of Ambrose Island, the game’s first new map

Hitman 3 launches its first map in more than 18 months of life: it will be Ambrose Island, a paradise island full of pirates. Can you meet the challenge? Meet him here!

There is no doubt that Hitman 3 was one of the most popular games of the past year. Despite that, the IO Interactive title was weak in one aspect, and only now do we know that we will have the first new map after its launch.

It took 18 months for the developer to announce Ambrose Island, the new Hitman 3 map that will arrive on July 26. This will be a hidden cove where a dangerous group of pirates who operate in the sea of Andamán.

In the IO Interactive blog post we read: “The fully explorable sandbox location is packed with new objectives, gameplay opportunities, challenges, unlockable rewards and is free for all owners of Hitman 3 ”.

This map arrives at the time Hitman 3 delays its roguelike freelancer mode, as we told you in May. Since that date we know the arrival of Ambrose Island officially to the title in the form of an incentive for fans to entertain themselves while waiting for the new game mode.

Other modifications

In addition to the new map Ambrose Island on the IO Interactive website we can see a july roadmap. There, the first thing we have is the possibility of Himmapan Hotel Bangkok for free.

This map is free for all players for ten days, that is, until July 17. For its part, Revolutionary, Vincent Murillo will be available from today until the 18th of this month.

Finally, the 14 and 15 of this month we will have two Elusive Targets. The first one will unlock The Iridescent Katana. On the 15th, for its part, we will have to take care of a food critic in Bangkok.

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