‘The longest night’, season 2: how will the Netflix series continue?

‘The longest night’, season 2: how will the Netflix series continue?

Although in principle it was conceived as a closed miniseries, there are so many plots that have been left open (if not all) that a few more chapters are needed to understand what has happened.

A confession before we begin. We have been quite crazy with the first season of The Longest Night, which already occupies a prominent place in the top of the most watched series on Netflix, to the point that our explained ending is very weak. Come on, it gives us the feeling that perhaps we have missed something and we have not understood anything. At Esquire we are always very hawkish and we go into detail, but when you suspect that they have been able to sneak it in, you have to admit it.

In any case, although we have not found the key that could explain everything that has happened in The Longest Night, the truth is that practically all the plots have been left open. If you liked this prison thriller based on Cell 211, Money Heist and The Silence of the Lambs, surely you’re looking forward to seeing a second season as soon as possible.

The longest night, season 2: is it confirmed?

No. The complete answer is that, in fact, Netflix presented this project as a closed miniseries of only 6 chapters, the ones you have already seen. Is there a chance then that they decide to make a second season? If the series works on visualizations, have no doubts. So everything will depend on the success of these first episodes.

The Longest Night Season 2 – When does it premiere?

In the event that these circumstances arose, pre-production, recording, post-production would have to be developed… Although being a series that takes place in few scenarios, those times do not have to be too long, in no case would it be ready before 2023.

The longest night, season 2: what will happen?

Let’s get down to business. Because, as we said, all plots are open. The most important is knowing who is behind the attempt to extract Simón (Luis Callejo) from prison and who wants him to stay inside so he can confess before the judge. The first is more or less clear: a high official (played by Alejandro Tous) is the one who has sent a special group of police that works in the shadows. About the second, we are lost. Who can be interested in Simon confessing? And why does Simon want to confess? Does it have something to do with the fact that Hugo, the other blackmailed couple and the high official are friends?

According to the last movements of the first season, at the level of action the second would be raised in two teams: on the one hand, the special police group, the prisoners and the prison director, Hugo (Alberto Ammann), whose objective would be to escape , with the tunnel dug by the prisoners as the main road. And he would count on the help of the high office from the outside. On the other, the ‘good’ policemen and Simón himself, who are looking for the serial killer to testify before the judge. With that mysterious character pulling the strings from who knows where.

The stories of the rest of the characters are also open. We look at his possible future in question mode:

-What will Manuela, the inmate with a dual personality played by Cecilia Freire, do after discovering that Cherokee (Daniel Albaladejo) has not killed Dr. Espada (Adolfo Fernández)? Because everything points to the fact that he actually abused her, although no one believed her…

-What will the infiltrated police who was previously a prisoner (Laia Manzanares) do with the evidence that shows that the group of police officers who captured her covers up the crimes of powerful people implicating innocents?

Will Bastos (Xabier Deive), the head of security, betray Hugo and the rest of the officials to save himself from the abuse complaint filed by the prison director?

-Does the woman in high office have something to do with the whole mess? Because the guy who commits suicide in the first chapter, we assume that out of panic that his alleged relationship with Simón’s murders would come to light, was his client.

-What will Simón do with Hugo’s children and the doctor played by Bárbara Goenaga? Will she, as a psychiatrist, discover what is really hidden in Simon’s mind?

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