Although we regularly covered the sales and player count information for the game of tango gamesHi-Fi Rush, everything we see suggests the game has been a hit for Microsoft and Xbox, although some rumors have started circulating lately suggesting the game hasn’t been as successful as it seems. thought before.

However, Xbox VP of Marketing, Aaron Greenbergtook to Twitter to set the record straight, saying Hi-Fi Rush was a “big hit” for Tango, Xbox and Microsoft.

“Hi-Fi Rush has been a huge success for us and our players in all key metrics and expectations. We couldn’t be happier with what the team at Tango Gameworks has delivered with this surprise release.”

As the game was entirely focused on a direct release on Game Pass, due to its phantom release after its announcement in January, it is difficult to determine the game’s actual sales data, but it iss two million players who have already played it suggest that you have done very well.

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