All the Differences Between CS:GO and Counter Strike 2: Game Changes and Improvements

All the Differences Between CS:GO and Counter Strike 2: Game Changes and Improvements

Source 2 comes with many changes to make Counter Strike 2 a revolution in a historical game

We knew Valve and CS:GO very well for a few days since some dataminers had found in-game information about Source 2, the new Counter Strike. And it is that the owners of Steam have finally unveiled their “new” game: Counterattack 2. With games of this style there are always a lot of jokes like with League Of Legends 2 or Fortnite 2, but this time it’s real.

Counterattack 2 or CS:GO Source 2 It’s an improvement over the game we have right now. on Steam. The first improvement is the engine change, moving to Source 2, an engine that games like Dota 2 already use. It seems that Gabe Newell likes both, as few “3”s were put in their titles (yes, I’m talking to you, you, the Half-Life saga).

Changes announced for Counter Strike 2

For now we don’t have much information. possess Valve said that it will be quiet until the update comes out in the summer. They only shared a few bits of information with us so we could see the changes, though more changes will inevitably leak over time for two reasons:

  • The bone dataminerswho will continue to pull information from Source 2 as they implement improvements to the game.
  • The bone beta testers. Influencers, professionals and some elected officials will be able to help the development of CS:GO 2 in its final phase and they will surely tell us something.

Smoke and gameplay

CS fumes have always been like some sort of immovable wall. If you throw a smoke, it stays until it disappears, you can’t do anything. well in Counterattack 2 it will change the moods and the gameplay. One of the most useful objects in the game will have a big change: now it will be a 3D object with which we can interact, these are the News:

  • You can dispel or modify a smoke with grenades or bullets.
  • when shooting, you make a hole in the smoke that allows you to see through it for a short period of time.
  • Smokes now expand naturallyoccupying the space in which they find themselves and adapting to their shape.


It’s complex to explain. The tickrate is the number of times a server checks a player’s position and actions (thus explaining it to the faster). bn Counter Strike 2 added some subtitles that force the server to monitor players better and minimizes errors due to the frequency of tics. Translated into Spanish: now the game will smoke fewer bullets.

The world will be more beautiful

Map redesignvstexture changes and more to improve the appearance of Counter Strike 2. But, keeping the essence of the cards and the way they are played. These are the changes what they did on the cards:

Completely reworked map
  • classic cards: The typical cards we all know as HiddenTrain o Dust 2. Solo They improved the lighting and the visibility of characters.
  • updates: Cards that will receive changes using the new lighting from Source 2 with new lights and reflections.
  • remodeling: Some Maps (especially the older ones) have been fully renovated to mount the new motor.

All of this has an impact on community mappers.which will have more and better map making tools for the game.


Tranquility, you will still have all the skins, boxes and others that you have in CS: GO. But better. new lighting, best models for weapons and endless changes to make your cosmetics look better.

Visual effects

NOW gun smoke will be more realisticyou can better taste the blood of your enemies, the pomegranates will look better and smoother, being more consistent with its environment. He HUD Also receive changes to look better and offer useful information quickly and comfortably.


The sounds of Counter-Strike 2 have been redesigned to better reflect the physical environment, be more distinctive, and better express the state of the game. They have also been rebalanced to provide a more comfortable listening experience.


I can’t explain the sound any better, basically improve the sound to be more faithful to the scene and give more precise information. Don’t forget to shift.

That’s all we know. In the beta, they will test these changes and adjust them to offer us a quality Counter Strike 2. More information about Source 2 will be revealed to us before the game is released. and CS:GO news. Now we just have to wait a few months to experience a big change in one of the most iconic shooters in video game history.

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